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The newest of new and the hottest of hot vape juice has landed. We present to you Daddy Vapes 160ml E-liquid. All your fruity passions will be fulfilled, you sweet sugary dreams will become a reality when you have a taste of the all new Daddy Vapes!

Daddy Vapes is the latest brand of e-liquid offering such a high quality product with reasonable prices and a lot of juice! What more could you have asked for?

It comes in 10 different flavours. Each e-liquid so perfectly blended, the flavour profiles complement each other in ways that you have never imagined. Taste the fruity sensations of your dreams and keep coming back for more.

This e-liquid is surely the one to shine and stand out bright amongst the wholesale vape supplies. Don't miss out on it! 

Check out all the flavours below:

  • Blueberry Lemonade:- Using a very common drink in lemonade and giving it a twist of Blueberry creates a very refreshing vape. Fresh plucked blueberries juiced into zesty homemade lemonade.


  • Pineapple Mango:- The ultimate in fruit pairings, this juicy Pineapple and Mango vape are so vibrant with two very distinctive fruits in one vape. All the juicy yellow goodness packed into one bottle.


  • Orange Pear:-The fusion of Orange and Pear was a moment of joy, this juicy flavour is mind-blowing. The tangy tangerines and the sweet delectable pear , pair perfectly together ;)


  • Blueberry & Pomegranate:- This fruity Pomegranate with a slight bitterness of fresh Blueberries explodes in your mouth like bursting fruit.


  • Strawberry Lemonade:- Your classic homemade lemonade with a touch of pink. Fresh strawberries squeezed into lemonade makes it everyone’s favourite.


  •  Grapefruit & Mango:- This is the ultimate in a fresh vape, a bold grapefruit flavour with Mango to just take the bitterness away.


  • Watermelon Mango:- An amazing Watermelon vape, with the distinctive taste of mango. Two real summer favourites blended into a vape to remember.


  • Lemon Meringue:- What can be said apart from fresh lemon with nicely toasted meringue, a true summer dessert vape.


  • Raspberry Sherbet:- This is a truly amazing blend of freshly picked Raspberry flavour with a sherbet twist, is refreshing and vibrant.


  • Limeade:- Strong and refreshing taste of lemons and limes, a bold one, flavour for daddy of vapes for sure.



Grab yours now from the website or come to our vape shop in Manchester for a great sweet deal on vape bargains. 


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