HAPPY END 100ML - Latest product review

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HAPPY END 100ML - Latest product review 


HAPPY END 100ML - We have to hand it to a vape juice company that's dedicated to following its muse and doing one thing that's truly great instead of trying to follow every trend and create an enormous variety of soulless vape juices in a fruitless attempt to please everyone. Happy End Vape Juice is a vape juice brand that follows its muse. They do cotton candy e-liquids. They offer just two flavors. There isn't something here to please every single vaper on the planet. Happy End just makes the best darn cotton candy e-liquids that you'll find anywhere. Unless you've been vaping for long enough that you understand some of the finer points of e-liquid creation, you may not know that you probably vape ethyl maltol -- the signature flavor of real cotton candy -- all the time. Ethyl maltol is one of the most popular e-liquid sweeteners, and it's quite popular because it doesn't kill your coils rapidly as sucralose -- the other popular e-liquid sweetener -- can. Since many vape juice companies are using ethyl maltol as a flavoring agent already, it isn't much of a stretch for those companies to release cotton candy e-liquids. There's a big difference, though, between those e-liquids and what Happy End sells.





This product comes in a number of attractive colors. In our product review, we found available color options as really soothing to tastebuds& customer can choose from any of the below :-

  • Pink Cotton Candy
  • Blue Cotton Candy


Happy End Blue Cotton Candy by Sadboy E-Liquid - A circus carnival in a 100ml bottle! Happy End deliciously spun blue razz taffy into a light and lip-smacking good cotton candy. The inhale is a tart blue raspberry with notes of sweet berries fruits. The finish is all cotton candy, sweet and tangy with notes of raspberry on the exhale. Get your happy vape ending with Happy End E-liquids Blue Cotton Candy vape juice.


Happy End Pink Cotton Candy by Sadboy E-Liquid - A delicious strawberry cotton candy in a 100ml bottle! Happy End deliciously spins some strawberry taffy into a light and lip-smacking good pink cotton candy. The inhale is juicy strawberries with notes of sweetness and tang. The finish is all cotton candy, sweet with notes of strawberry on the exhale.



Product Features:

  • 100mLBottle 
  • 70% VG
  • 30% PG
  • Child-Resistant Cap 
  • Made in USA 
  • Manufactured by PVS E-Liquids



HAPPY END 100ML - Product Review :


HAPPY END 100ML 70/30 VG/PG liquid, Sadboy is designed for use in Sub Ohm tanks and devices. The added viscosity allows for the production of both dense vapour and flavour, resulting in a full and flavoursome experience. Buy the latest HAPPY END 100ML at our site Unibargains.co.uk currently in stock, at best & lowest wholesale pricing.

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