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An all American brand founded in 2014, has now been launched here. A very big range of premium liquids is now available for all of us to enjoy.  Kilo is recognized world-wide for its high class craftsmanship, excellent flavoursome liquids, and a unique range of vape blends. The vape supplies market has found a new gem to hold on to.

All Kilo 100ml Shortfills are supplied in 120ml bottles with 100ml of 0mg e-Liquid, leaving enough room for 2 x 10ml nic shots to be added, adding 2 x 18mg Nic Shot will create 120ml of 3mg eLiquid.


With over 12 exciting flavours to choose from. Check them out below:


  • Smooth Tobacco - A tobacco hit so perfect that you will never turn to another e-liquid. A good balance of smooth nuttiness and woody experience


  • Blue Lemonade – Fresh homemade lemonade infused with the goodness of summer   blueberries. Taste the amazing blend of sweet, sour, and tanginess!


  • Milk & Cookies – Bring back your inner child with this classic. Sweet chocolate chip cookie dunked in a glass of milk! Perfection.


  • Birthday Cake – Sweet, juicy, spongy vanilla cake, with white butter cream frosting loaded with a tonne of rainbow sprinkles! Have a birthday party in an instant!


  • Mango Creme – Sweet, juice ripe mangoes blended with oh so lovely and smooth cream. The perfect dessert in a bottle, vape away the exotic fruit.


  • Kiberry Yogurt – The tanginess of kiwi, blended together with the fresh sweet and sour strawberries. All of this topped on a bed of creamy yogurt. Breakfast from the heavens!


  • Vanilla Almond Milk – A good old glass of milk that is blended with notes of sweet French vanilla and the goodness of nutty almonds. You are surely going to love this blend of flavours.


  • Dewberry Cream - The exotic and juicy and sweet honeydew melon, blended with fresh summer mixed berries. All of this, coated in luscious velvety cream. Experience the luxury vape.


  • Sweet Tobacco - Feel the smoothness of tobacco on each inhale and just the perfect blend of sweet & nutty on each exhale


  • Coffee Milk – Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, infused in milky goodness. Just the aroma of this vape will wake you up.


  • Strawberry Custard – Luscious creamy custard blended with sweet and magical strawberry puree. Experience pure bliss in this vape juice.


  • Cereal Milk – Taste the nostalgia with this juice blend. Sweet breakfast bowl now in a bottle.



Check out our full range of e-liquids on the website or come to our shop on Manchester for some sweet vape bargains.

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