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We present you the most iconic range of e-liquid that it perfect for summers but also enjoyed all year round!  Specially handcrafted by the mixologists, carefully picked out the ingredients and created a beautiful elixir to be enjoyed by all.

We are offering you the best of big clouds and deep flavour.  The hype is real, everyone in the vape supplies industry is talking about it, grab yours now!

 Check out the 12 refreshing premium liquid flavours of the season:


  • APPLE COOL SLUSH - An all time favourite, a little sweet and a little tangy. A little kick of mint.


  • APPLE & WATERMELON SLUSH – Sweet and tangy green apples paired with the juiciest watermelons, a perfect summer catch.


  • ORANGE & PASSION FRUIT SLUSH – Tropical and exotic passion fruit pairs with the classic sweet and tangy oranges to create this perfect refreshing slushy.


  • CHERRY SLUSH – A little sweet, a little sour, a little tangy, and a whole lot of flavour kick.



  • ICE GRAPE SLUSH - Finest selection of grapes, the deepest and juiciest flavours packed in a bottle with a kick a minty freshness.


  • ICE ORANGE SLUSH – Tangy tangerine goodness with a cool kick of icy menthol.


  • ICE MANGO SLUSH – King of all fruits, juicy and sweet, packed with flavour with a refreshing cool kick.


  • LEMON & LIME SLUSH – Perfect sweet and sour with a citrusy kick. Feel the freshness of homemade lemonade with this premium liquid.


  • LEMON SLUSH – A classic, a perfect summer treat for those hot days.



  • REFRESHING BLACKCURRANT SLUSH – An all time favourite, experience the flavours of fresh blackcurrants burst in your mouth.


  • STRAWBERRY FIZZ SLUSH - Fresh hand plucked British strawberries squeezed into a tiny bottle. You can imagine how flavourful this must be!


  • TROPICAL SLUSH – Bringing together all the great tropical fruits, imagine coconuts, passion fruit, mangoes, dragon fruit all smashed into a bottle to make the best flavour!



Check out our other range of amazing e-liquids from the website or visit our shop in Manchester for sweet vape bargains!




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