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SLUSHIE SALTS is the new innovation in E-liquids, the salt nicotine juices. Nicotine salts allow you to vape at higher nicotine strength without getting rough throat hit. Even 20mg juices can become smooth as butter with salt nicotine. SLUSHIE 20mg salt is a high amount of nicotine and we recommend using them on mouth to lung and lower power vape kits such as high resistance sub ohm.


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Passion and Mango, Blueberry Slush, Parma Slush, Summer Slush, Blackcurrant Lemonade, Iron Slush, Strawberry Slush, Fruit Punch, Slush, Red Energy Slush, Cola Slush, Rainbow Slush, Caribbean Slush, Purple Slush, Bubblegum Slush



  • 20mg
  • 10mg


Caribbean Slush by Slushie Salts is a tropical vape that floats sweet pineapple and zesty orange on a bed of cooling ice.


Fruit Punch Slush by Slushie Salts is a well-rounded fruity vaping experience, with a cool exhale. A medley of both traditional fruits and exotic fruits have been blended together and poured over ice.


Iron Slush by Slushie Salts replicates the popular Scottish soda, with a cool hit upon exhale. A fizzy orange base is perfectly complemented by sweet mixed fruits along with a cool icy blast.


Parma Slush by Slushie Salts is a sweet confectionary blend that replicates the popular candy. Sweet violet syrup has been poured over ice for this nostalgic and satisfying vape.


Purple Slush by Slushie Salts offers the the taste of sophisticated sweet blackcurrant with a twist of menthol.


Summer Slush by Slushie is taking summer fruits to a whole new level. Summer Slush is an overwhelming concoction that incorporates the perfect blend of summer fruits on inhale with an ice cool lemonade exhale.


Blackcurrant Lemonade by Slushie Salts features beautiful tart blackcurrants infused in sparkling lemonade. In addition there’s strong notes of lime and citrus. 


Passion and Mango by Slushie Salts gives you the taste of the island lifestyle. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the warm tropical sun.


Strawberry Slush by Slushie Salts intricately layers ingredients to create an irresistible, strawberry ice kick upon inhale. In addition the kiwi brings exotic vibes on the tongue upon exhale.


Rainbow Slush Nic Salt by Slushie Salts is an explosion of tangy fruit sweets blended into icy cold slush.


Red Energy Slush Nic Salt by Slushie Salts features the taste of the worlds famous energy drink blended in icy slush to offer a moorish all day vape.


Cola Slush Nic Salt by Slushie Salts gives the taste of sweet fizzy cola blended with cold slushy ice to create truly chilly polar style vape.


Bubblegum Slush Nic Salt by Slushie Salts captures the sugary sweet bubblegum with an icy cool slushy styled exhale. 


Blueberry Slush Nic Salt by Slushie Salts features freshly picked blueberries blended into a cool icy slush for the perfect summer vape. 



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