Smok Mico Replacement Cartridge/Pod 3-Pack

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Smok Mico Replacement Cartridge/Pod 3-Pack


3 Pack genuine smok mico replacement pod cartridges for your smok mico pod system. Available in packs of 3 and with 3 different coil variations there is a pod-style for almost every vaper. If you vape mouth to lung then you have a choice of either the 1.0 Ohm pods or the 1.4 Ohm pods. For direct to lung, vapers choose the 0.8 Ohm pods. Each pod is 1.7ml capacity and features an easy-to-fill system. 



Pod Types:


  • 0.8 Ohm Mesh Pod - Best for direct to lung (High VG Liquids)
  • Ohm Regular Pod - Best for mouth to lung (Freebase Nicotine Liquids)
  • 1.4 Ohm Ceramic Pod - Best for mouth to lung (Nicotine Salts)


All you need to do once you have received your pods is to fill one up. Allow the liquid to soak for 5 mins, install the pod and you are good to go. Simple is sometimes best.  




  • 1.7ml e liquid capacity
  • In-built coil
  • 3 pods per pack
  • Under coil airflow for best flavor
  • Coil: Regular Coil(1.0ohm),
  • Ceramic Coil(1.4ohm),
  • Mesh Coil(0.8ohm)





  • 3 x Smok Mico Pod Cartridges





  • 1.0ohm,
  • 0.8ohm,
  • 1.4ohm




  • 1.7ml



Smok mico replacement cartridge/pod -product review


Product review:- With its compact form factor, unique aesthetics, and relatively powerful battery and vaping performance, those looking for a new, portable, and easy to use the device should find a lot to like about the smok mico.


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