TELEOS REMIXED 100ML - Latest product review

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TELEOS REMIXED 100ML  - Latest product review 


TELEOS REMIXED 100ML e-Liquid is the solution converted into vapour through your e-cigarette. Whether you call it vape juice, e-liquid, or e-juice, if you’re a regular vaper then you’ll need frequent top-ups to continue enjoying your equipment. All our vape liquid UK is made from high-quality ingredients, such as organic Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin, and food flavourings. Nicotine is used if required and offered in strengths ranging from 3mg to 20mg. However, zero nicotine options are available for most of our flavours. Short fill e-Liquids are supplied as zero nicotine products as standard, with a space to add a nicotine shot if required – then all you need to do is shake and vape!



This product comes in a number of attractive colors. In our product review, we found available color options as really soothing to tastebuds& customer can choose from any of the below :-


  • The Milk 2
  • Chewy
  • Pound Cake
  • The Hotel Lobby



The Milk 2 - If this were Hollywood, we'd be running this back a little too fast. Even they can't crank out a (good) sequel in 5 months. But this isn't Hollywood, and we're Teleos. Built on The Milk Platform, this delightful treat is pretty straightforward. Since just about everyone asked us to do it, we present to you a cinnamony, toasted, crunchy milk. Once again, Momofuku, we salute you.




Chewy - This one was tough for us. We've wanted to do something with yogurt for a while, but not a tart yogurt. Rather, we wanted that sort of 1990s American punch-you-in-the-face with flavor sweet yogurt. We also wanted to do granola. We thought to ourselves, "why not both?" So we took one of those absurdly delicious cereal bars, dipped it in yogurt, and let it set. The result, Chewy.




Pound Cake - Because you didn't walk into that coffee shop for coffee. This is a remix not of one of our juices, but rather, the rest of the markets. None of the pound cakes available were doing it for us. "Not enough frosting" we'd say, or "not enough cake," or "too much lemon." Ours has lots of cake, lots of frosting, and the right amount of lemon. The only difference between ours and that nationally recognized coffee chain is that we don't use a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Rather, we make it in a lab, where we can do that whole "guilt-free" thing.




The Hotel Lobby - As the classic poet said: "Then after the show, it's the after-party And after the party, it's the hotel lobby" We've been messing around with marshmallows for a while. Since Crunch, actually. Originally intended, in part, to be a variant of The Afterparty, it has since morphed into its unique monster. On it's own, marshmallow is a sort of empty taste. We found suspending it in the essence of another flavor to bring out the sweetest, yummiest notes was a necessity. For The Hotel Lobby, that flavor is the slightest hint of peach. 




Product Features:

  • 100mLBottle 
  • 70% VG
  • 30% PG
  • Child-Resistant Cap 
  • Made in USA 


TELEOS REMIXED 100ML - Product Review :

Teleos E-liquid goes the extra yard and then some to make sure you the vaper get the best possible vaping experience. If it’s e-liquid perfection you’re after then vape on with the Teleos range. Buy the latest NOLA BAR 100ML  at our site currently in stock, at best & lowest wholesale pricing.

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