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Discover the Doozy Salts pack a smooth hit of nicotine, providing a rich and intense cigarette-Esque rush. Nicotine salt (or nic salt) is a type of naturally forming nicotine found in leaf tobacco. A large number of vapers say they find that nic salts deliver a more satisfying experience, saying e-liquid with nicotine salt is easier to inhale. Vapers have cited throat hits of reduced harshness and can use more powerful liquids, taking in more nicotine for each vape.




Apple Grape Blast, Apple Mango, Vimto  Crush, Fizzy Lemon, Lemon Berry Pie, Frozen Berries, Caramel Tobacco Ice, Vanilla Custard, Caramel Tobacco, Tropical Slush



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Apple Mango

A mixture of juicy Apples infused with exotic Mangoes. A tantalizing blend of Tropical Fruits that hits the spot every time.  This mouth-watering combination will take your breath away!


Frozen Berries

A concoction of Berries and crushed Ice combine together for a cool refreshing vape. Feel the icy chill washed away by a wave of sweet Berries. This amazing flavor delivers the perfect hit.


Caramel Tobacco

A subtle hint of Tobacco engulfed with lashings of Golden Caramel. A satisfying hit enshrouded with smooth sweet Tobacco that delivers a very special experience.


Vanilla Custard

Creamy Custard infused with delicate Vanilla provides a perfect combination that is complimented by hints of syrup drizzled on a Pastry crust. The ultimate dessert vape for those that have a sweet tooth.


Fizzy Lemon

Sharp sweet Lemon with a Fizzy twist. The taste of melting Candy followed by a punch of fizzy Sherbet that sizzles on your tongue. Experience a burst of endless flavour with a smooth throat hit.


Apple & Grape Blast

Crisp Green Apples and a mixture of Sweet Juicy Grapes with a Cool Refreshing Blast of Ice.


Caramel Tobacco Ice

A subtle hint of Tobacco Engulfed with Lashings of Golden Caramel with a Twist of Ice.


Lemon Berry Pie

Luxuriously soft Pie Dough mixed with Sweet Berries and Zingy Lemon makes this an enjoyable treat.


Tropical Slush

A mouth-watering combination of Blue Raspberries and Pineapple blended together to create a refreshing mixed Slush.


Vimto Crush

The Classic Vimto taste of the Juiciest Berries with Crushed Ice perfectly complimented to be your all day vape.


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