Kanger Single Coil - Latest Product Review

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Kanger Single Coil - Latest Product Review 


Kanger is well-known throughout the vaping community as being one of the premier electronic cigarette and vaping manufacturers around. They have brilliantly designed their replacement atomizer heads to work with several of their popular clearomizers, including the Mini ProTank 2 Glassomizer, The ProTank 2 Glassomizer, the Unitank Clearomizer, and the eVod Clearomizer. This makes it extremely cost-efficient to maintain a large selection of high-quality tanks. Although several knock-off brands produce replacement atomizer heads that do fit the Mini ProTank 2, ProTank 2, Evod, and Unitank they are never the same as genuine Kanger replacement Single Coil heads. Kanger has paid a lot of attention to designing the highest quality atomizer heads that not only fit perfectly but also last much longer than non-genuine brands. Buy these Kanger replacement single coils to extend the life of your tank, depending on how often your electronic cigarette is used, as well as the type of e-liquid you are using, most coils need to be replaced within a few weeks. These are sold in a package of 5, available in 1.5 ohms, and 1.8ohms. The Unibargains.co.uk Best price Wholesale 

Kanger Single Coil - Latest Product Review



Kanger Single Coil Ohms Types :


  • 1.50 OHMS (quantity Pack)
  • 1.80 OHMS (quantity Pack)



Product Review :


This Kangertech Replacement Coil is suitable for the EVOD 1, Protank, Protank 2, Mini Protank, and Mini Protank 2. Replacing the coil is extremely simple. Just remove the base of your Protank and you will find the old coil easily unscrews. All you have to do is screw the replacement in and you can reattach your base and continue vaping. These are available in 1.5 ohms, and 1.8ohms, Pack of 5. Buy the latest Kanger Single Coil at our site Unibargains.co.uk currently in stock, at the best & lowest wholesale pricing. 

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