Soda - 2 Doc Charger - Latest Product Review

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Soda - 2 Doc Charger  - Latest Product Review


The Efest Soda Dual batteries Charger is a great option for people with dual mods. Both slots are completely independently operated so safety cut-off occurs when each cell reaches 3.7V. You can also charge several other cells like 20700 cells for example. Features: Each slot is monitored independently. Reverse polarity protection Short-circuit protection Activation recovery function Stops charging automatically Quality Assurance Made with piano springs 15,000+ times spring testing quality warranty Convenient LED indicator Quality Certification, The Best price Wholesale product.

Soda - 2 Doc Charger  - Latest Product Review


Product Features :


  • Compatible with charging 2 batteries simultaneously
  •  Each slot displays the charging status independently
  •  Automatically identifies Li-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
  • Features three charging modes. (CC, CV, and Trickle Charge).
  • Automatically detects battery status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode
  • Available for rapid or normal charging
  • Compatible with Li-ion / IMR: 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500


Product Specification :


  •  AC input PoweR: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
  •  DC input PoweR: DC 12V 1A
  •  DC output PoweR: Dc 12V 1A
  •  0.5 CC current: 500m A±10%
  •  1A CC current: 1000m A±10%
  • CV cut-off current< 10% max current
  •  Standby current <20mA
  • (battery voltage 2-2.9V): 10% max current
  • Maximum Output current: 1A
  •  Battery outpout cut-off voltage: 3.0±0.05V
  •  auto recharge voltage: 3.9±0.15V
  •  operation Temperature: -40℃~+70℃
  •  Storage Temperature: 0℃~40℃


Product Review :


Capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously; Each of the two battery slots monitors and charges independently; Over-voltage, over-discharging, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection Adjust to Rapid charger or normal charger Charger for 3.7V rechargeable 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650 Li-ion battery Efest Model number. Buy the latest Soda - 2 Doc Charger at our site currently in stock, at best & lowest wholesale pricing.

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