Tank Rubber Bands - Latest Product Review

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Tank Rubber Bands - Latest Product Review


The Vape Ring is a silicone band that will fit most larger diameter e-cig tanks. It adds style to your tank and also adds a layer of protection against breakage and assists when trying to remove a tank that has been screwed on too tight. Vape Rings are available in a variety of colors and designs. Vape rubber bands gives extra grip when holding your mod, especially in wet conditions. Vape Bands are made of hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous, premium quality silicone. Vape mod rings directly fit on your mechanical mod or rebuildable atomizers. The Unibargains.co.uk Best price Wholesale product.


Tank Rubber Bands - Latest Product Review


Product Features :


  • Silicone Ring with non-slip Function. Non-skid MOD silicone ring 
  • Colour: Colorful. mix color.
  • Fit: Mechanical Mod, Atomizer.
  • Material: silicone


Product Review :


Vape Bands are a great product to use on your vape tank, e-liquid bottle, or in your vape store - they're small silicone rings that can stretch over countless vaping related products - they have many applications when it comes to vaping and you will be surprised to see how well they work. From protecting your vape tanks or e-liquid bottles from breakages to promoting your vape brand or store, vape bands are one of the handiest vaping accessories out there! Buy the latest Tank Rubber Bands at our site Unibargains.co.uk currently in stock, at best & lowest wholesale pricing.

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