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These liquids with nicotine salts are good for beginners and heavy smokers for those who want to switch from smoking to e-cigs. It's Perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping on low wattage devices and works especially well in pod systems or small pen-style device. Nicotine can be quite harsh on the throat and uncomfortable for the new vaper. By adding benzoic acid during the extraction from the tobacco leaf, the Ph of the resultant nicotine e-liquid is lowered, making it smooth on the throat even at the highest strength. It also absorbs into the bloodstream a lot faster, providing the nicotine rush that a first-time vaper needs. Not only are nicotine salt liquids generally smoother to vape but there is less impact on the flavor of the liquid in comparison to freebase nicotine liquids allowing for better flavor. 

The Ultimate Salts Sherbet flavors are Cherry, Lemon, Apple & Mango, Strawberry Laces, Rainbow, and Raspberry.


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Ultimate Salts Sherbet – Lemon. Sweet zesty lemon infused with sherbet makes one of the most delicious vape flavors out there.


Ultimate Salts Sherbet – Apple & Mango. Devour the juiciest apples and mangoes combined in this fresh and fruity sherbet.


Ultimate Salts Sherbet – Rainbow. Experience the whole spectrum of flavors with our heavenly rainbow sherbet.


Ultimate Salts Sherbet – Strawberry Laces. This sensational Strawberry sherbet flavor tastes just like the old-school sweet.


Ultimate Salts Sherbet – Cherry. Tantalize your taste buds with this sumptuous fizzy cherry sherbet.


Ultimate Salts Sherbet – Raspberry. This refreshingly tangy raspberry sherbet is an all-day vape you won’t want to miss.



Available in: 1 x 10ML Bottles

VG/PG RATIO: VG 50% / PG 50%

NIC Level :10mg,20mg



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