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Discover the YETI SALTS 10ML, Bold, fresh and exciting authentic flavours you will love as much as we do! Nicotine salt e-liquid is absorbed into the body a lot faster than standard freebase nicotine vape juice and also they are less harsh to vape. Nic salts are becoming the popular choice for those quitting cigarettes and making them best suited for starter kits, pod systems, and mouth to lung style of vaping.


Yeti E-liquid Available flavours:

Apple Cranberry, Cherry, Energy, Grape, Lemonade, Orange Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon


Apple Cranberry

Yeti Apple Cranberry features sweet green apples combined with juicy cranberries. This vape is sweet to taste with a sharp undertone followed by an intense blast of menthol mint on the exhale.



Yeti Cherry is full of juicy cherries, blended with a sprinkle of sugar and laced with an intense menthol blast.



Yeti Energy is an exhilarating flavour featuring an energy-charged combo of sweet summer berries with a crushed ice energy beverage laced with cool menthol.



Yeti Grape is a perfectly flavoured vape featuring a light and sweet combination of deep dark berries topped off with lashings of menthol mint.



A lovely icy, refreshing lemon beverage, perfect for that summer thirst!


Orange Mango

Yeti Orange Mango is a deliciously tangy flavour of freshly sliced and squeezed oranges combined with the tongue-twisting tropical tang of plump mangoes with an icy menthol taste of the exhale.



Yeti Strawberry is a deliciously refreshing vape featuring a prime selection of plump ripe strawberries sliced and diced to release a host of sweet flavours with an icy menthol taste of the exhale.



Yeti Watermelon features the uplifting and thirst-quenching flavours of freshly sliced watermelon combined with a subtle but invigorating blast of minty menthol.


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  • Liquid: 10ml

  • Strength: 20mg

  • Mix: 60%VG/40%PG


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