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Hangsen is referred to as one of the best electronic juice out there. It is known for its splendid assortment of electronic liquids. This vape juice comes in 5 different ranges and all of them have a variety of flavours, ranging from classics to exotic, fruity to minty, tobacco, or mix of all your favourites. Hangsen caters to everyone’s needs.

This electronic juice comes in easy to carry, handy bottles of 10ml each. They sell all the different strengths of electronic liquid. 0mg –18mg.

Hangsen e-liquid is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Because Hangsen e-liquid uses a tobacco extraction technique, Hangsen e-liquid is able to provide a consistent, high-quality and robustly flavoured e-liquid that meets the demands of even the most discriminating vaping customers.





  1. ICE MENTHOL – Ever wanted to experience what living near a glacier feels like? Yes, this e-liquid will give that level of coolness! How uber cool is that?   
  2. ICE MINT – Feel the minty freshness with the most cooling sensations. A perfect icy kick to wake all your senses.  
  3. MINT – Choose this for the best ever vaping experience, feel the freshness tingling on your tongue. 
  4. TRIPLE MENTHOL – A super smooth menthol flavour but now triple the amount. So triple the blast and triple the freshness!
  5. HS MENTHOL – Also known as menthol sensation, this is a premium upgraded version of menthol! Enjoy the same taste and freshness but on a higher level.
  6. MENTHOL – The perfect e-liquid for all your menthol needs. Pure menthol, no nonsense.
  7. STRAWBERRY MIX MINT – What’s better than fresh juicy strawberries? Strawberries that come with a kick of mint! Sweet and refreshing at the same time, your taste buds will thank you for it.  
  8. BUBBLEGUM – It is fun, it is minty, and it is also sweet. Enjoy the true flavours of minty bubblegum from the very first draw. It’s like having your favourite chewing gum.
  9. SPEARMINT – If pure minty flavour is something you can’t handle, then try the Spearmint flavour. It has a kick of sweetness so the mint is not so overwhelming.
  10. DOUBLE MENTHOL – If one minty hit wasn’t enough and you crave for more, then this is the perfect vape juice for you. Experience the minty freshness double the time!
  11. GREEN MINT - Everything about this liquid is so EXTRA! Extra green leaves, extra mint, extra freshness! The cool freshness will forever last on your tongue and you will keep coming back for more.
  12. STRONG MINT – Awaken all your senses with the strongest of minty blast! This is more than triple or quadruples the amount of mint.



Check out the full range of HANGSEN E-LIQUIDS on our website or visit our vape store in Manchester, UK.

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