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The most beloved, the most popular, the best-selling candy all around the world now comes in a vape juice form! Bring back your inner child with these sweet and sour candy flavoured premium liquids. We present you the e-liquid that has shaken the vape wholesale market. 

JOLLY RANGER HARD CANDY comes in all the exciting flavours that you can think of. A huge range of childhood flavours packed into 100ml bottles! You will never turn to another electronic juice after trying the enticing flavours that JOLLY RANGER has to offer.



GREEN APPLE CANDY- The essence of tart green apples are concentrated into a sweet and tangy hard candy vapour that will leave your taste buds crying for more.


LEMON CANDY- It's refreshing fruity sour, tart zesty and sweet which will perfume the air with the most intoxicating fresh lemon.


MOUNTAIN BERRY CANDY- This perfectly fresh fun vape blend has the candy taste that you crave and a whole lot of bold flavour that make it extra vape worthy.


WATERMELON CANDY- When you coat that yummy watermelon flavour in candy sugar , you get a taste that explodes with fruity candy goodness on every level.


BLUE RASPBERRY CANDY- This beloved flavour explodes and spreads though out those taste buds with a sour tingle, leaving you in a blue raspberry hard candy craze 


CHERRY CANDY- Nothing beats a fruity hard candy that explodes with juicy goodness as soon as it hits the tongue. Cherry lovers who vape will be instantly satisfied.


GRAPE CANDY- Quench your vape satisfaction with this magical grape candy vape juice and you will be happy you did .you're gonna love our grape candy vape juice.


ORANGE TANGERINE CANDY- We've captured all of the citrus essence of juicy tangerines. Bright and balanced, this refreshing tonic is perfect for any time of the day.


PINEAPPLE CANDY- Sweet tangy flavour of tropical pineapples with a sugary aftertaste that will heighten your taste buds with zesty explosion of sweet pineapple candy.


STRAWBERRY CANDY- Delicious and tangy strawberry flavours combined with amazing sugary taffy fill your mouth leaving you wanting more after every use.



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