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The most beloved, the most popular, the best-selling candy all around the world now comes in a vape juice form! Bring back your inner child with these sweet and sour candy flavoured premium liquids.  We present you the e-liquid that has shaken the vape wholesale market. 


JOLLY RANGER SOUR SURGE comes in all the exciting flavours that you can think of. A huge range of childhood flavours packed into 100ml bottles! You will never turn to another electronic juice after trying the enticing flavours that JOLLY RANGER has to offer.




BLUE BLUE RAZZ – Sour and sugary candy flavour that trickles with exhilarating raspberry juice. Every puff will keep your palate on the edge of its seat as intense flavour notes pound the taste buds.


GREEN GREEN APPLE – the perfect recreation of the sweet and sour candy with the focal flavour of sweet green apple notes for the ultimate balance between fruity, sweet and sour combination.


PINK CHERRY – Combining super sweet cherries with zingy sourness, our sour cherry e-liquid is guaranteed to blow your mind. Full of intense flavour, this vape juice is the one you definitely need in your collection.


RED WATERMELON – Sour sensation that’s been given the right amount of watermelon flavour and then covered in sweet and sour crystals. Your taste buds will go wild from the very first draw, you will never be disappointed.




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