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  Hayati miniature pods are fixed with a Hayati battery and are really great as have really smooth flavours which can make you feel really good they come in 22 flavours and can be switched easily according to your choice at the time. Most of the vapours have to carry different vapes at different times. So keeping this in mind Hayati has launched this product as vapours can have different pods and one battery. Which is more reliable to carry .  Once you try this product You will stop vaping another vape as it's the best innovation in vaping industry now. keeping in mind the environment Hayati has tried to make it environmentally friendly.

These pods will give you a real taste of flavours and are made under the rules so you don't need to think about it before taking it out in the public. Just you need to buy one battery and different flavoured  pods to enjoy different flavours. Most important thing is its price is really good so everyone can buy it.

Flavours :

  1. ​Watermelon Ice
  2. Double Apple
  3. Summer 
  4. Strawberry & Mint 
  5. Rose Lychee
  6. Strawberry Raspberry Ice
  7. Blue Raspberry 
  8. Pomegranate & Grape
  9. Peach Ice
  10. Strawberry & Banana
  11. Lost Cherry 
  12. Lemon & Lime
  13. Kiwi & Lime
  14. Forest Berries 
  15. Fresh Cola
  16. Gummy Bears
  17. Fizzy Lemon & Mint
  18. Blueberry Cherry Cranberry
  19. Tropical Mango
  20. Raspberry & Lime
  21. Grape
  22. Lemon Peach Passionfruit 

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